Cloth Nappy Styles

Cloth Nappy Styles

There are quite a few different types of nappy systems to choose from, we've given an overview of Bubblebubs cloth nappies below.


Bubblebubs Cloth Nappy Styles


Traditional cloth nappies refer to flat nappies that you need to fold, in this category there are two types:

Flat Cloth Nappy & Cover


Flat nappies are a square of fabric either or with a seam around the edge. They are made from cotton terry towelling, bamboo terry towelling, flannelette or muslin. Quite often used as a 'spew rag' terry flats very versatile. They do require a little bit of work learning how to fold them and they can be secured in place with a pin or Snappi and require a waterproof cover to go over them. The biggest advantage to flat nappies is that they dry so quickly. 

Prefold Cloth Nappy And Cover


A prefold nappy is similar to a flat nappy but is sewn into three equal sections and has more than one layer of absorbent material in the middle third of the nappy.

These nappies can be folded in many different ways to fit your baby and need to be used with a waterproof cover over the top, as the whole nappy is absorbent. They may require the use of a as a Snappi or nappy can also be folded and placed under certain types of covers without any fastening. 



Here at Bubblebubs, we have three different types of cloth nappies to use on your baby.

Fitted Cloth Nappy And Cover


cloth nappy that is shaped like a disposable and has elastic at the waist and legs. It is made totally from absorbent fabric and needs a separate waterproof cover placed over the top of it.


All In One Cloth Nappies


This style of nappy is the most convenient and closest style to a disposable. An AIO contains all the necessary layers in one convenient nappy. AIOs have a sewn in water resistant layer so that you don't need to add a cover to the outside of the nappy.

 ALL IN TWO NAPPIESAll In Two Cloth Nappies

This nappy has an outer shell that is waterproof, and the insert is snapped into it making it quicker to dry and also very economical as you can reuse the outer shell by simply snapping in another insert set.


There are two options when it comes to modern cloth nappies and sizing - one size fits most (OSFM), which can be adjusted to fit most babies from birth to toilet training, or sized nappies that come in newborn, small, medium and large sizes, each fitting a particular size range with some overlap. Sizing is not absolutely standard across the range of cloth nappies available and will vary from brand to brand. To ensure a good fit on your baby it is best to measure your baby and compare this to the manufacturer's specifications.


Great for those on a budget. OSFM nappies are more economical for those that are choosing cloth to save money. OSFM are quite bulky on newborns and often don't fit will until around 2-3 months old so if you choose this option just be aware of this.


As they are customised to suit your baby's size and weight range, these nappies offer a snug fit.

If you need any help choosing the right cloth nappy for your baby or toddler please contact us.

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