How To Fold Prefold Cloth Nappies

How To Fold Prefold Cloth Nappies

Do you need some tips getting started with getting your prefolds on your baby? Not sure which fold might work best? Prefold nappies may feel a bit daunting to start with, but with a little practice on your preferred fold/s you’ll be an expert in no time.

Prefolds are a great addition to any cloth nappy stash – they’re inexpensive, quick to dry and can be used in so many ways. Different folds can work better at different ages and stages. Some you might just prefer more over the others, so use whatever works for you and your little one! Keep reading for details on some of the common prefold nappy folds.

1.  Pad Fold or Trifold Cloth Nappies

You can’t get much more simple than this! As you can see there’s not a lot of folding involved at all with a pad fold, and once it’s folded in three simply place it into your cover and secure the cover on your baby.

You don’t need to worry about using a Snappi with a pad folded prefold and it’s a great way to be able to use smaller sized prefolds when they no longer fit using alternative folds. Perfect for older babies as you don’t get the same containment around the legs that you do with other folds.

Trifold Cloth Nappies


2.  Angel Wing Fold For Cloth Nappies

With an angel wing fold, you fold the two corners into the middle at one end and fan it out at the other end. As is shown in the image, you can fold one end of the prefold in if it is too long to fit comfortably around your baby. The prefold then wraps around your baby at the fanned out end and is secured at the front.
This is a nice simple fold and is a great to use with extra boosters for a heavy wetter or to last through longer naps or overnight. Suitable for all ages.

Angel Wing Fold For Cloth Nappies

3.  Newspaper Fold

This is a variation on the angel wing fold, where the front is folded up before folding in the corners.
This works well for boys as it brings more absorbency to the front. The extra fabric at the front does result in a slightly bulkier nappy though.


Newspaper Fold For Cloth Nappies

4.  Jelly Roll Fold

The jelly roll fold is a similar shape to the angel wing fold, except the edges are rolled in towards the middle at one end, instead of being folded.
This is perfect for newborns as it tends to contain that explosive newborn poo better than any other fold.

Jelly Roll Fold For Cloth Nappies

5.  Bikini Twist

As the name suggests, this ‘fold’ is twisted instead of being folded. Lay the prefold flat, then cross your arms over and hold a corner of the prefold in each. Uncross your arms and there will then be a twist in your prefold. When you place it on your baby, make sure that the twist doesn’t sit over their bottom and is further to the front, as you need an area for a potential poo to be caught in!
This is a great fold for girls when you want more absorbency at the bottom. It’s also good for babies with chunky thighs as it creates space for the legs, but also tiny babies as you don’t end up with too much bulk between the legs.

Bikini Twist Fold For Cloth Nappies


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