Cloth Nappy Terms Explained

Cloth Nappy Terms Explained

When starting out with modern cloth nappies, one of the most confusing parts can be working out what all the acronyms and words mean that are used in the cloth nappy world! To help you out, we’ve pulled together this list that explains some of the cloth nappy terms that you might find on our website and during your cloth nappy journey.


All In One Cloth Nappy (AIO)

The absorbent material and the water proof layer are sewn together so all components of the nappy are held together in a one piece system. This makes AIOs convenient and easy to use.

Cloth Nappy All In One

All In Two Cloth Nappy (AI2)

The absorbent insert and water proof shell are separate. As the insert snaps into the shell, the shell can be reused by snapping in a clean insert. This also makes drying times quicker as the shell and inserts are washed and dried separately. Bubblebubs Candies are an example of an AI2 nappy.

Cloth Nappy All In Two


Boosters are made from absorbent fabrics which add absorbency to cloth nappies.

Cloth Nappy Bamboo Booster

Cloth Nappy Cover

Covers are used as a water resistant layer over fitted nappies, prefolds or flats.

Cloth Nappy Covers

Dry Pailing Cloth Nappies

Dirty nappies are put into an airy basket or bucket before washing, without any water or chemicals. The nappies are then put straight into the washing machine when you’re ready to wash them.


Fitted Cloth Nappy

Fitted nappies are made of absorbent materials and require a separate cover to act as a water resistant layer. Bubblebubs Bambams and Bamboo Delights are examples of fitted nappies.

Bambams Fitted Cloth Nappy


Cloth Nappy Liner

A liner sits on top of the nappy and acts as a stay dry layer against the skin. Liners make cleaning up of solids easy and helps reduce stains on nappies. There are disposable and reusable options for liners.

Cloth Nappy Liners


A soft velvety fabric often used as the outer layer of modern cloth nappies. Used in Bubblebubs Candies.

Candies Cloth Nappy

Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN)

Cloth nappies that are shaped like a disposable with built-in absorbency and often include a water resistant layer as well. They fasten with snaps or a type of Velcro, instead of pins like traditional nappies.


One Size Fits Most (OSFM)

Nappies that fit from birth to toilet training. Bubblebubs OSFM nappies fit from approximately 4kg – 15kg.


Prefold Cloth Nappy

A flat style of nappy with extra layers sewn through the middle. Prefolds require a separate cover to act as a water resistant layer and need a pin or Snappi to fasten. An economic option which works well for newborns.

 Prefolds Cloth Nappy

Pocket Nappy

A nappy made with a water resistant layer and stay dry layer, with a pocket at either end to place absorbent inserts or boosters into.


Polyurethane laminate (PUL)

A fabric made by laminating a polyester knit fabric with a thin layer of polyurethane. Used in Bubblebubs gusseted Covers.



The outer waterproof layer of AI2 and pocket nappies.



Used instead of pins to securely fasten fitted nappies, flats or prefolds. Made of a stretchy plastic with grips on each of the three arms, which hook on to the fabric of the nappy.






A wetbag is a bag made from water resistant fabric which can be used to store wet and dirty nappies.

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