25 Uses For Wetbags

25 Uses For Wetbags

We often get asked what wetbags can be used for when they’re no longer needed for nappies. Our answer? Anything and everything that you’d normally use a plastic bag for and more! Once you get past thinking they’re for dirty nappies, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some of our favourite uses for wetbags:

  1. Wet towels and swimmers

  2. Take to daycare for dirty clothes

  3. Dirty clothes when travelling

  4. Take on short trips out and about instead of a huge nappy bag full of supplies

  5. Storing mama cloth

  6. Makeup bag

  7. Toiletries bag

  8. Storing sweaty gym clothes (and keep potential smells in!)

  9. Store a change of clothes when toilet training (or any time for that matter, because who hasn’t been caught short with puddles and spilt drinks!)

  10. Pack activities/games/toys for the kids when travelling

  11. Store first aid supplies (especially helpful when travelling as the bag keeps everything together and any spillages aren’t spread through your bag)

  12. Keeping everything sand free and dry at the beach

  13. Storing breast pump and parts

  14. Holding dirty bottles when feeding on the go

While the suggestions above work for all sorts of wetbags, below are a few uses that work particularly well for mini wetbags and extra large wetbags.

Mini wetbags

  1. Snack bags

  2. Storing wet or dry cloth wipes

  3. Keeping phone and keys together (the handle on the wetbag makes it perfect for hanging off your buggy)

  4. Dirty bibs when out and about so mushy food bits don’t end up covering everything

  5. Storing breastpads

  6. Mini first aid kit for handbags/nappy bags – because you never know when you might need a plaster!

  7. Storing dummies and teethers

  King of Naps Minky Mini Wetbag

Extra large wetbags

  1. Use for storing dirty nappies at your change area

  2. They fit a couple of days worth of dirty nappies, so perfect for storing dirty nappies while travelling

  3. Dirty laundry bag when travelling

  4. Use as a hanging laundry hamper when short on space


As you can see, wetbags can be used for so much more than nappies. We’d love to hear how you use yours, so comment below and share your inventive ideas!

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