20 Ways Wetbags & Changemats Will Make Your Summer Travels Less Messy & More Organised

20 Ways Wetbags & Changemats Will Make Your Summer Travels Less Messy & More Organised

Summer is here, which means (hopefully) lots of amazing weather and lots of adventures exploring our beautiful country. Or maybe you’ll be heading away on holiday so will be doing a bit of travelling.

We all know that kids make mess. Which is great as they’re usually having lots of fun and learning while they’re doing it, but as a parent, the clean up and aftermath isn’t always so fun especially when you’re on holiday.

So read on to find out some of the ways we’ve made use of our various sized wetbags and changemats while on the go over summer.

Mini Wetbag

Mini Wetbags

  1. There’s nothing better than an icecream on a scorching hot day, right? What about those melting trails of icecream running down arms and all over clothes? Not so much… Grab a mini wetbag with some cloth wipes or face cloths inside on the way out the door. To make it easier, you can prewet the wipes or otherwise give them a quick squirt with a water bottle when you need them. Cloth wipes make clean ups like this a breeze.
  2. While we’re talking minis and food, mini wetbags make the perfect snack bag while on the go. They take up a lot less room than carrying a full lunch box with you, so easy to carry in your handbag for those emergency snack occasions (which are bound to happen the minute you head out the door)!
  3. Mini wetbags are also perfect for carrying a small first aid kit in. Small enough to fit all the essentials (think: plasters, cos they make everything better!) that you might need for a day or two away from home.
  4. Speaking of those inevitable ouchy moments. As wetbags are water resistant, you can throw in some ice to act as an ice pack to soothe those bumps and bruises. (note that once the ice starts to melt you will need to empty it out as they don’t hold in large amounts of water - the PUL is breathable and the needle holes where sewn mean that if puddles of water is sitting in the bags, they will start to leak).
  5. There’s no better place to spend a sunny day than the beach. But why is it that you end up bringing half a beach worth of sand home with you every time?! Mini wetbags can keep keys and phones, and sunscreen sand free at the beach, and then once you’re home, throw them in the washing machine to wash any stray sand out.
  6. If your summer travels are going to involve airplanes or other highly populated areas then you might be wearing face masks. Have a couple of mini wetbags handy, one for your clean mask/s and another for the dirty one/s.

    Nappy Pod Wetbag

    Pod Wetbags

  7. One of our favourites uses for our pod wetbags is for swimming. They just the right size to fit togs, goggles and a toddler sized towel, and even better they’re just the right size for your little one to carry it themselves. Win/win!
  8. It might just be my packing skills, but somehow whenever I go away all my socks and underwear manage to make it to the bottom of my bag, regardless of how I pack my bag. So I like to throw all these smaller clothing items in a pod, the zips open across the width of the bag so it’s easy to find what you need. Pod wetbags are also good for packing delicate clothing items in bags and suitcases that you might want to protect from rough zips etc.
  9. Pods are a great size and shape to use as toiletry bags, especially for those larger items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash that you might be taking away with you (and have the potential to leak and you don’t want it getting anywhere near your tootbrush!).
  10. Pack a pod wetbag with a change of clothes, spare nappy and wipes for a grab and go bag to save time packing when leaving the house. Perfect for short trips when you don’t need to take a heap of stuff with you, but you need to be covered as who knows what might happen!
  11. You’re obviously going to need the nappy changing accessories that you normally use, but highly unlikely to be taking your full change table set up from home! Keep everything handy and in view during nappy changes regardless of where you are by packing wipes, wipes solution, nappy cream, liners, Snappis, flat nappies for emergency clean ups and anything else that you might use all in a pod wetbag.

    Double Pocket Wetbag

    Double Pocket Wetbags

  12. Pack with some paper, pencils, crayons and/or small toys as a busy bag to keep children entertained. Travelling can mean meals out or a bit of waiting around, so a bag or two of activities can save frustrations all around.
  13. If you’re stuck in the car for a while getting to your holiday destination, somehow bits and pieces of rubbish can soon add up. Have a double pocket wetbag handy to throw it all in and then tip it all into a bin when you get to one.
  14. With all the technology we have these days, packing for a trip usually means we’ve got to remember those essential chargers, headphones and other important cords. Keep them all safe and dry during transporting by packing them into a wetbag.
  15. Heading out for the day? Pack a change of clothes or two in a double pocket wetbag and if you end up needing them, throw the messy clothing in the empty pocket to keep the mess contained.

    Extra Large Wetbags

  16. Keeping your dirty from clean clothing separated in your bag or suitcase makes laundry time so much easier. Put all the dirty clothes into an extra large wetbag, which is big enough to fit a few days worth of laundry for one. Likewise, once you had a visit to the beach (or some other messy location!), put all the sandy/dirty clothes inside to keep the sand from spreading any further.
  17. Heading away camping? Going to and from the bathrooms can be a perilous trip if you’re worried about dropping your underwear the whole way! Put your clothing, toiletries and anything else you need to take in an extra large wetbag and know that it’s all safe and not going anywhere. The bag will also keep everything dry if you happen to drop it or put it down somewhere damp.


  18. This one is kinda obvious... But if you’re spending a bit of time in the car, nappy changes may end up being in some interesting places. Our changemats give you a clean and soft place to lie your baby down on without having to worry about what they might be coming into contact with.
  19. Kids are drawn to water and I know that it’s unusual for us to go to a beach, lake or river without someone ending up saturated. More than once we’ve been saved using the bamboo velour side of a changemat as a towel. Bamboo velour is soft and absorbent so is a perfect makeshift towel when you don’t otherwise have one!
  20. In another use for changemats other than the obvious, they make a soft, snuggly blanket if you get caught out without warmer clothes if the weather suddenly turns cool.

We'd love to hear how wetbags have saved your summer travels!

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